Let Us Deal with the Insurance Company

Many drivers don’t realize that they have the ultimate say in how and where their vehicle will be repaired.

1. You have the right to choose the repair facility for your vehicle

California law states that no insurer, adjuster, appraiser, or agent shall require that repairs be made at a specific repair facility.

Pre-Accident Condition

2. You have the right to have your vehicle repaired to pre-accident condition

This is what your auto insurance covers so don’t settle for anything less. Get your car running and looking just as it did before your accident.

3. You have the right to get only one repair estimate

If you are comfortable with the first estimate you receive, there’s no need to get another. If your insurance company wants a second estimate, they’ll take care of it.

Repair Estimate
Insurance Claim

4. You have the right to have your insurance claim updated to cover damage that was originally unseen, but becomes visible during the repair process

With the complex electrical and computer systems in today’s vehicles, it’s common to uncover the need for additional repairs once disassembly begins.